Monday, January 12, 2015

week 1 update - self medicating social anxiety

So, its been one week since I decided to start self medicating my social anxiety. Time for an update!

I have been taking Valerian root 530mg

Last week I said that I would decide whether the Valerian root made me to drowsy, and if I would switch to taking it at night. After a week of using it, I don't feel any drowsiness at all. One con with this is that these capsules are a bit large and I have a hard time swallowing pills as it is. Another con is that these capsules do not have the most pleasant smell lol. I am taking one these daily.

I'm also taking Chamomile 650mg

I really like the taste of chamomile and these capsules are easy to swallow because they are on the small side. They smell great too. I upped the dosage of these to two daily, because its suppose to have a calming effect and I seriously need that. I wasn't feeling like I was seeing any results and I felt like I needed to take more of them. So I am currently taking two daily.

The last thing I'm taking is Rhodiola rosea 500mg
These are also smaller capsules. They don't have much of taste and I don't really mind taking them. For the first couple of days I was taking one of these but I switched to two soon after. Probably not for the best of reasons. I just wasn't seeing any results and I felt like I should up the dosage because I'm really feeling the pressure to get out my sisters house and find a job. So I am currently taking two of these daily also.

So, for the first week of my self medicating I haven't noticed any differences. I still feel just as anxious as before. I know that none of these will be a quick fix. I know that it will also take more than a week for me to noticeably feel the difference. I am still going to stick to this plan. I think I will have to wait until school starts back up again to really see if there are any differences in the way I feel because right now, I pretty much do nothing lol.

As for the rest of my plan, I have been outside everyday. Even if its just for a little while, I have taken the time to go outdoors everyday.

With trying to eat better I will say that I have been doing a bit better but not by much because I still don't feel very comfortable eating the food in my sisters house. I have been doing a bit better though. I just have to keep trying or wait until I move out to reach my goal of eating only fruits and vegetables.

As for the yoga, not gonna lie, I have yet to even start it. I just haven't had much alone time to do it. And I don't feel comfortable doing it while there are other people around.  I will try harder though. I really don't like making excuses, so I will try to get some yoga in this week.

Although I haven't felt much of a change this week I will stick to my plan. I think I should give it at least a month before I decided if this just isn't working and I need to get on Paxil. But so far I am very hopeful that this is going to work.

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